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When Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery

When he was falsely accused and thrown into jail

When days turned to weeks and months and years

And all he saw was time and life slipping away

The dreams he dreamt, the designs he envisioned

The hopes he held, each cut to pieces

Each piece trimmed with every passing day

Beyond recognition becoming a shadow

Until one day from Pharao's throne he looked up and saw 

Those brothers who scorned him, the brothers who sold him

Brought low to their knees, returned from a dormant dream

And the work of grace in his heart let him see from that throne

They meant it for evil, God meant it for good

Each piece that was shattered each piece that was trimmed

All part of a greater and grander design

The work of mercy, the work of grace, the work love

By skillful hands who work together all things for good

For the good of those who love Him, of those He's called

For the good of those He loves, for whom He died that they may live

For the Good

  • This is a fall floral wreath in decoupage technique. Each piece has been hand painted, free-hand on premium acid-free cold-press 140 lb watercolor paper. Each hand painted design was cut by hand and assembled lovingly by the artist. The wreath is ornamented with real miniature acorns. This three dimensional mixed media artwork is unframed and measures 24 x 18 in.

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