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I founded Falcon Grove Studio in May 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic. I wanted to respond to the alarming rates of domestic violence that surged with stay-at-home orders world-wide so I took up my pen and my brush and set out to write and to paint. As an artist my mission is to reclaim home as a place of safety, healing, and growth. My work is a meditation on healing and hope, on truth and beauty. There is plenty of inspiration here in the  Cuyahoga Valley of Northeastern Ohio. The area is a painter's paradise. But what fuels my desire to create is a specific type of beauty. It's the Beauty of truth that sets me free, the Beauty of the Gospel that gives me hope, and the Beauty of God's love that give me life. Distilling this Beauty through water and color is a great source of joy and gratitude.


You can find my work in-person at the Bedford Historical Society and Museum (Bedford, OH), at ShelfLife (Cuyahoga Falls, OH), and at Logos Bookstore (Kent, OH). I also offer group and private watercolor lessons in Cuyahoga Falls. Contact me  for information on upcoming watercolor workshops and private lessons!

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